Time For A New Dress?

You would think after having a garage sale and even posting about the whole minimal lists movement and how it made me think a lot, the last thing I would want is to buy something new.

But… I just did anyway.

I love browsing the Internet for all kinds of different things. I also do a lot of shopping on the Internet. I love sites like Amazon or eBay. You can get some pretty awesome deals. And it’s all shipped right to your home.

But I also love to do a lot of close shopping. You save an awful lot of money by doing your shopping online rather than going to a retail place like some shop in the mall. I mean it just makes sense. That shop at a mall has to have employees, pay rent, and tons of other overhead that I couldn’t even imagine having.

But when you have a website you cut so many costs of course you can sell products cheaper.

Anyway, to get back on track, I just wanted to share a picture of the new dress I just bought. I forgotstylewe how I stumbled on the site StyleWe “Shopping for fashion – Annakiki“, but I saw the dress and fell in love with it.

And it just so happens that I have a few extra dollars from the garage sale last week. Isn’t it nice when all things in the galaxy align? It was only $96 with shipping. And I really like the unique design of it. Some excited to get it. I just hope it fits the way I’m hoping it’s going to fit.

It’s Jim’s parents 40th wedding anniversary in a few weeks. And it’s usually it a really nice affair in their local country club. Yeah, they have country club memberships. Something we do get to enjoy when we occasionally go there for the weekend. But were not quite there to get our own yet. Someday though!

The site does have some pretty risky things, but I’m feeling a bit old for some of those. But who knows, maybe the hubby would still be interested? Besides, not something I’d be wearing to an anniversary.

Let me know what you think? Anyone else know these guys?

A Rich Life With Less Stuff

garage saleWe decided to have a garage sale this weekend. It’s that time a year, spring cleaning and get in all the old stuff out of the house and usually, into the garage.

But this year we realized the garage is so darn full, there is nowhere to put anything new. Hence the garage sale this weekend.

Going through all the stuff that we’ve accumulated in the last 20 years really made me realize the weight of it all. This may sound a little strange, but I’m serious. I feel weight of all the stuff on my shoulders. And I’m really looking forward to getting rid of all of it come this weekend.

I think it’s good to make me feel a lot lighter. Knowing that I’m not responsible for all this stuff. And not being faced with all the wasted money, time and any other kind of waste things I could come up with.

I mean some of this stuff is just really junk. Why ever bought it I have no idea. We literally have things still in boxes with their price tags on it.

I was thinking about just given them as Christmas gifts to someone else. But lately have been trying to do more crafts and do-it-yourself sort of things for Christmas gifts for all my relations. They seem to like it. Or they’re just polite liars, who knows?

But seriously, and that they can apply about the whole minimalist movement that’s going on. I like it. And I’ve kind of vowed to myself that I’m going to start taking up a lot of their battle cries.

I mean how much stuff do I really need? Were not rich, but were deathly not poor. Any amount of money that we spend on all this junk could be put into investments, the house, paying off our mortgage and car loans. Freeing ourselves from a lot of stress as well as just feeling so much lighter and better.

I watched a video that I’ll post here. It really made me think what life would be like with no responsibilities whatsoever other than my actual family. I mean things like mortgages, car loans, car pulls and all the other dumb little things that seem to accumulate once you get married and have kids.

What if I could just live on an island and enjoy the beach every morning, homeschool my children and give them a life that most people only dream about.

In the funniest part of the whole situation is, it’s far cheaper to live that way. They be not here in America, but most other places in the world you can get by with far far less than what we spend even not living on the beach.

I also ran across a blog, but I can’t find it now. It is about a family who did exactly that. They both work online and do some sort of online businesses. And they don’t even make that much. Just a few thousand dollars a month. But looking at the pictures of our life, I must say that right now I would gladly trade places.

Well not to drone on about all this, just made me think about how much stuff do I really need to have a happy life? It really does seem like not all that much. Especially after watching these videos. And reading that blog. Just one more thing to think about I guess.

Here’s another video that I thought was good. And I think it’s fitting to end this post with. Just give it a thought, it may change your life.

Anyone reading this living the minimalist’s life?

America’s Women Are Homeless

I was just browsing the Internet and I came across this quote. It states how America has the largest number of homeless women and children in all the industrialized world.

“These are interrelated, of course. Seventy million women and the children who depend on them are living in or on the brink of poverty in America. Among industrialized nations, the U.S. has the largest number of homeless women and children.”  – you  can check out the article here.

I think that’s just insane. You would think with all our technological advances and all the money that is floating around in America, we wouldn’t be keeping our women and children homeless.

But it brings me to a bigger point. I think one of the biggest problems is simply the breakdown of the family in America.

Think about it, how many families actually sit down and eat dinner together at a dinner table? How many families go out on outings together once the kids are passed puberty?

And worse, how many children still take care of their parents when their parents are old and retired?

There just doesn’t seem to be anything about close knit families anymore. Everybody scrambling to do their own thing. That includes the kids as well as the parents. And with less time because parents have to work, or they’re just selfish and party, or for whatever other reason, it just seems that families are spending less and less time together.

I do remember growing up when it came down to dinner time, everybody was at the table helping get the silverware put out the plates and all of that.

Often times today when I call my children to dinner, they just wanted grab a plate of food and run back to whatever they were doing. Whether it be watching TV, playing on the Internet, or playing some stupid game on the iPhone.

And when I do actually make them sit down around the table and turn everything off, I’m finding it harder and harder to get them to talk about their day as they grow older. Their answers are becoming shorter, less revealing, and typically just cookie-cutter types of answers. Like they’re just saying what I want to hear.

I’m trying to respect my children’s privacy, but I really want them to understand the importance of family. I mean if you don’t have family, what do you have? Even if you’re rich, money really can’t buy love. Especially the level of a family. That’s me is the most priceless object in the world.

I’d be interested to know what you guys think about this. Does your family sit down around the dinner table like you see in the old Waltons episodes? Or is it more the hectic scenario I just wrote about above?

I’d love to know.